Short Version

I'm Kai (they/them), email me at

Why So Much Detail?

The level of detail I have on this page is strictly in service of providing a high degree of information for the people who are actively seeking it. It's not a "you didn't read my 5 paragraph contact page so I'm going to call you out" situation. The intent is to make contacting me easier in situations where getting in contact with me is fundamentally complex. If you're a recruiter or something, then LinkedIn message me.

Here's what I mean by "getting in contact with me is fundamentally complex":

  • Trying to get in touch with me because I was mentioned by someone who recently passed, but they exclusively knew my old name.
  • You reached out to an old email, or social media profile, about something of great importance. You want to confirm that this new email / profile / etc is still me.
  • We simply haven't talked in many many years and you're trying to cover all your bases before you contact me again.
  • You have something for a "Lynn Conway" and you aren't sure if its the other Lynn Conway. I doubt this will happen to me again, but its funny that it happened once!
  • etc etc ...

Long Version

My name is Kai Siren. I use they/them pronouns primarily, and she/her pronouns rarely. You should always use they/them when referring to me, but it's not strictly incorrect if you use she/her. If you must use an honorific, us Mx., as in Mx. Kai Siren.

I go by Kai unambiguously, in every area of life. It's not yet my legal name, but will be soon ™️. If you are sending me money, address it to my legal name: "Lynn Conway". I'll update this post when the legal name change happens, as its going to be happening soon.

I've gone by various names in my 20s. None of them are dead names, they are simply old names. As such, I have no issue with mentioning them here. I assume people will find this useful if they haven't contacted me recently, and are trying to confirm without a doubt that I'm the same person. Those old names were:

  • Lynn Conway (still my legal name)
  • Lynn Cyrin

My primary email is The emails and both forward to coilysiren, but the forwarding is lossy and laggy.

Circa Q4 2023, the best ways to reach me are:

I have Facebook, Instagram, and the site formerly known as Twitter. I don't check any of those places with any kind of regularity.

If you want to call or text me, shoot me an email and I'll reply back with my phone number. Do note that I employ automatic screening for all unexpected phone calls, and I'm quick to block unknown (or undesired) phone numbers.

If you're family of origin, then LinkedIn messages are the preferred contact method.